100th Day of School Fifth Grade Celebration


The 5th grade classes celebrated the 100 day of school by participating in several activities.  Below are several of the activities.
1. Hook together 100 paper clips and measure their length with a measuring tape using the most appropriate unit of measurement in the metric and customary systems.
2. Count 100 pennies and measure their mass and weight using various scientific instruments (balance, triple beam scale, electronic scale) and the appropriate unit of measurement.  
3. Categorize 100 vertebrates according to the four groups: amphibians, mammals, retiles, and birds.
4. Estimate how many dog biscuits, cotton balls and lima beans are in three identical containers.  Then count to find the actual amount.
5. Using a dictionary, look up the 100th word under the letters H,U,N,D,R,E,D.  Use these words in a silly sentence.
6. Count 100 words in an article from the newspaper.  Circle the 100th word.  Do this 10 times.  Use every word you have circles in an interesting sentence.
7. Using a 100cm piece of paper, create a pattern using 100 circles.
These and other activities were created and planned by the fifth grade teachers: Ms. Sisley, Ms. Prada, Ms. Rogers, Ms. Roller, Ms. Howell, and Mr. Cox.